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Plustek SmartOffice PS3150U

  • Формат документа от визитки до А4
  • Скорость сканирования 55 листов в минуту
  • Скорость двустороннего сканирования 110 страниц в минуту
  • Лоток для подачи документов 100 листов
  • Ежедневная нагрузка 6 000 листов
Robust Paper Handling Combining fast document feeding with the advantage of robust paper handling, the SmartOffice PS3150U is an ideal choice for workgroups who have a demanding workload and limited budget. Plastic and other rigid cards such as ID cards, Drivers Licenses, Membership Cards and Insurance Cards as well as long documents up to 200” are scanned without additional adjustments or additional set up. The advanced image processing and a high daily duty cycle all add up to the perfect departmental scanning solution for document management, content management and forms processing applications. The SmartOffice PS3150U also features auto wake up that enables users simply to place paper in the scanner to wake the scanner up from sleep / stand-by mode. Intelligent Misfeed Function With the built-in ultrasonic multi-feed detection capability, the SmartOffice PS3150U scanner prevents multi-feeds by checking the thickness of documents and detecting overlapping pages. When a multi-feed is detected, the scan halts and a warning message is displayed. This feature is turned on by default so that it automatically improves the scanning experience and results. However, when scanning papers with labels, sticky notes, taped receipts or plastic cards, the ultrasonic function can be turned off to prevent false detection. Exceptional Productivity Operation of the SmartOffice PS3150U is simple with Plustek’s exclusive software application DocAction. Users need only to properly place the document on the scanner and press the “Scan” button. What’s best is that the scanned image can then be sent directly to your desired destination application. Environmentally Friendly and Energy-Saving The SmartOffice PS3150U meets ENERGY STAR standards, and contributes to an environmentally-friendly and responsible work space. Built-in Plustek OCR [1] Convert by performing optical character recognition on scan images and transform them into searchable or editable formats including Microsoft® Word, Excel®, or searchable PDFs directly. (Plustek OCR for Windows, Plustek DocOCR for Mac)


Сертификат Размер: 920.1 Кб

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