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Plustek OpticSlim 1180

  • Датчик изображения CIS
  • Формат документа от визитки до А3
  • Скорость сканирования 8 секунд страница
  • Обрез книги 3 см
  • Разрешение 1200 dpi
  • Ежедневная нагрузка 2 500 листов
A large format scanner support Windows, Mac and TWAIN*

OpticSlim 1180 can support Windows 7/8/10/11 , Mac OS 10.10 ~ 13.x. User can download latest version driver from Plustek website.

* TWAIN software only available for Windows users, for Mac, we provide ICA.

Multi-Pages Scanning A Perfect Solution for Large Format Document Scanning

Plustek OpticSlim 1180 is an 11.69" x 17" tabloid sized scanner, designed for large format document scanning. 1180 can scan two pages spread book, two letter-sized pages (simultaneously), large-format magazines, legal-sized documents, scrapbooks and newspaper. With the new LED light source design, the machine can scan immediately without the warming up step. The stable LED light source ensures high image quality for each scan. Scanning an A3-size only takes 8 seconds for Color/ Grayscale/ B&W Mode (300 dpi). To highlight the ease of use feature,1180 has four one-touch scan buttons (Scan, OCR, PDF and Email) to simplify the whole scanning process and automate the most used functions.
Meet with variety conditions Library and School
Suitable for the public area scanning such as the library or universities. The maximum scan area up to A3 size allows users to scan newspaper, magazine and other large-format books. The public users and student are able to do the research and digitalize documents in the library. Architectural firms

The blueprints for constructions or design project are often required to be modified thousands times before the final versions. Over time, paper-based drawings aged and became damaged. You can preserve the original versions of your drawings by digitizing them. When your document is digital, you never have to worry about damages during handling. Artists

Picture color is one of the most concerned issues for artists. The OpticSlim 1180 is suitable for sketches and crayon drawings. With superior digitized color algorithm, the color attributes can be truly reserved. *If you want to scan art painting, such as watercolor, oil paints or photography, the OpticPro A320 series integrated CCD image sensor for better depth-of-field effect and image quality is your perfect choice. Soho and Small Office

With a sleek and compact design, the OpticSlim 1180 takes less desktop and storage space than other A3-sized tabloid scanners. Therefore, OpticSlim 1180 is suitable for any SOHO workplace.
Intelligent Scan Correction Function

*If you want to scan art painting, such as watercolor, oil paints or photography, the OpticPro A320 series integrated CCD image sensor for better depth-of-field effect and image quality is your perfect choice.

(1) File size and resolution varies upon operating environment OpticSlim 1180 can help you do Examination paper

In order to ensure the equity of exams and to preserve examination questions, there is a need to digitize examination papers into electronic files for future management.
Architectural firms Magazine Clippings
When you have a lot of interesting recipes or magazines you want to keep for future use, but also you do not want to bring a stack of paper at home, OpticSlim 1180 can help you digitalize all of your documents and keep it at your tablet or your laptop. Also, with the OCR feature, you can search for your file anytime.

When it comes to newspapers, the best way to preserve them is to digitize them. Newsprint is a very unstable and will deteriorate even with our best efforts to stop it. With OCR function, you can save image by searchable PDF format, then you can use keyword or sentence to search report. Digitalize Your Book Collection

Having a wide range of book collection sometimes creates inconvenience for readers if they want to carry their collection around. With OpticSlim 1180, creating an eBook library is very simple. You can bring your entire collection with you; take them with you wherever you go—no worries about ruining your original copies, or lugging around heavy trade paperbacks.


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